Few ornithological links



- Huge database of birds pictures and even songs and video: http://www.mangoverde.com/wbg/

- For finding local birder all around the world : http://www.birdingpal.org/

- For sea-watching in France near Dunkerque between July to December : all the information and all the birds see on Clipon association. Vous n'imaginez probablement pas tout ce qui peut passer sur ce fabuleux site de migration près de Dunkerque !

- An another association: Centre Ornithologique d'Ile de France

- Everything on European birds photos.oiseaux.net and annuaire.oiseaux.net

- A French site very comprehensive: Ornithomedia

About South Africa

- For pelagic trip to Cap Town, the site of Trevor Hardaker et John Graham : http://www.zestforbirds.co.za

About Australia

- For seeing the Wandering Albatross, made a pelagic trip near Sydney: www.sossa-international.org

- Near Darwin a very good place to stay only two kilometers from Fogg Dam: www.foggdam.com.au

Digiscopy and birds pictures

- the Yves and Didier Bas site

Other Links

- If you want to buy binocular, telescop at the right price:

- A freeware for retouching pictures : IRFANVIEN

- An association about Volcano : LAVE

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