TANZANIA: September 1999



A friend called me in January, 1999 and asked me if I wished to join a small group of 5 for a trip in Tanzania in September. I did not take long time to accept! The trip was very classic in fact. We visited the main National Park of the North Tanzania:

Arusha NP : 20-09-1999 (1 day)

Tarangire NP : 21-09-1999 au 23-09-1999 (2 days)

Ngorongoro : 24-09-1999 (1 day)

Serengeti, Seronera : 25-09-1999 au 26-09-1999 (1,5 day)

Serengeti, Lobo près du Kenya : 27-09-1999 au 28-09-1999 (0,5 day : a long drive)

Night climb of the El Donyo Langaï (The sacred mountain of the Masaï and an active volcano too...) : 29-09-1999

Natron Lake : 30-09-1999 (rest the morning ! 0,5 day)

Manyara NP 01-10-1999 (1,5 day)

We saw more than 270 species of birds. Each of us saw at least 40 species of mammals and more than 50 mammals for the group. For example, I did not see the Caracal but I saw the Serval which was not the case of 4 people in the group.

Some observations were particularly memorable as you can discover by looking some pictures. The distance of sight of the Leopard on its branch was rather exceptional. We did it near Seronera in the Serengeti. We did not leave the track to make this observation. It was indeed absolutely forbidden in Tanzania. Generally, the distances of observations of birds were very short even in car. I managed to take pictures of more than 130 species of birds!

Few advices

We are took an agency in France. But numerous intermediaries increased the price of the trip for nothing. We had two 4WD with roof opening, two drivers. One spoke French and were really interested by birds, the other one was a good mechanic. Furthermore we had a true leader cooker making cakes with a simple campfire.

If you plan a trip in Tanzania, here is the coordinates of the our local agency:


E-mail: impala@cybernet.co.tz ou impala@yako.habari.co.tz

The site: http://www.impalahotel.net/html/safaries.htm



"Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania" : Dale A. Zimmerman, Donald A. Turner, David J. Pearson ; Publisher Helm. I find the quality of this guide very close to European birds book. A little bit heavy but indispensable for a trip in this part of Africa.

"Mammifères d'Afrique" : Jean Dorst et Pierre Dandelot ; Publisher Delachaux et Niestlé.

"Kenya Tanzanie ; le guide du Safari faune et parcs" : Michel Breuil, Jean Paul Mayeur, Frantz Thille ; Publisher Marcus. A very interresting books to understand the ecology of this area. I don't known if this book kind be find in English.