Argentina: Buono Aires, September 2012

Bueno Aires

 Following a business trip, I spent the 29 September 2012 in the "Costanera Sur Ecologica Reserve". This reserve is in the centre of Bueno Aires along the Rio de La Plata. It is a more or less humid zone of 5km long for 1km large with an impressive birds variety so close to a big town. I identified almost 70 species and I was able to take pictures of most of them as the birds are not shy in this populate place. The next morning, I spent few hours in the Plaza Hollanda to complete my birds list, particularly with the endemic White-winged Coot

Plan de la Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve

Costanera Sur Ecological Reverva Costanera Sur Ecological Reverva

Cobaye  aperea, Cobaye sauvage