TUNISIA: December 1998 / January 1999




It was a trip made with two friends of the CORIF. We simply reserved our plane tickets and rented a car. However, we had a rather good idea of the sites we wanted to visit. I had a friend who lived two years in Tunisia to made an inventory of the avifaune. Moreover, we knew people who made a trip in April in this Country. Here is the list of the main crossed sites:

20-déc Cadria-Plage, Soliman, Ressas, Zaghouan, Nabeul
21-déc Nabeul, Korba, Menrel Termime, Menzel Bou Zelfa, Kelbia Kairouan
22-déc Kairouan, Kelbia, El Alem, Sbikha, di Ouest, Kairouan
23-déc Kairouan, Bou Hedma
24-déc Bou Hedma, Gafsa
25-déc Gafsa, El Fejaj, Kebeli, Douz
26-déc Douz, Matmata, Gabès, El Hamma, Kebili, Oasis Douz
27-déc Douz, El Faouar, Nouil, Di Redjem Maatoung, Douz
28-déc Balade Sud Douz
29-déc Balade Sud Douz
30-déc Douz, Kebili, Tozeur, Nefta, Metlaoui
31-déc Metlaoui, Moularès, Midès, Tamerza, Chebika, en Negueb, Thélepte
01-jan Thélepte, Kesserine, Le Kef, Dougga, Téboursouk, Thibar, Béja, Mateur, Bizerte
02-jan Bizerte, Ichkeul, Tunis

One of the most remarkable observations were Spotted Sandgrouse. We saw more than 400 birds at the sunset, in the South of the "Chott El Jerid". We saw 3 or 4 groups between 50 to more than 150 birds. This observations were particulary interesting as this species was not known to form important group!

The sight of more than 30 Ruddy Shelducks was also interesting because this species was little known as winter resident in Tunisia (unlike in Algeria where this species was frequent). It was the same for the sight of a male Pallid Harrier. This birds was perceived at the last moment by the one of us when we started the car ! Another good memories were the 3 Thick-billed Larks. This species was uncommon and we made some very good sights during a long moment...